The Meating Street Story

The Meating Street StoryMeating Street Barbecue originated as a catering company in March of 2015, as a husband and wife team. Over the past few years, it has grown into a locally renowned business, establishing quite a large following in the Atlanta area. Brian Keenan, a master of smoking meats, prides himself on delivering a superior quality product that differentiates him from the competition. He has studied barbecue all over the country, visiting many of the American 'greats', and learning from famous pitmasters along the way. He is extremely passionate and is always striving to improve his techniques and expand his knowledge base.
Brian is a purist, and prefers to smoke his meats the "old school" way, using only wood, and happily commits himself to the resulting 16 hour cook. Brian makes all of his own rubs and sauces, and has created his own recipes for all of the sides. Having been a wine and spirits sales consultant for nearly 20 years, he is able to create flavors that are perfectly balanced. 
All meats are smoked on a purely wood-fired, offset, reverse flow cooker. The main smoke trailer was custom built and has a 3'x9' smoking chamber and can feed up to 300 people in one cook. A smaller, more mobile, 500 gallon pit is also used for BBQ festivals, private parties, and overflow. 
After 3 successful years in the catering business, Meating Street Barbecue has expanded into a daily operation in a brick-and-mortar establishment. Located in downtown Roswell on Alpharetta St, it is a fast-casual restaurant, serving lunch Monday-Thursday from 11:00am until 3:00pm, and Friday and Saturday 11:00am until 5:00pm (unless sold out earlier). The restaurant seats about 45 for dine-in, and to-go is offered as well. Local, craft beer and unique wines are available daily. Both pits were custom designed by Custom Pits and Fabrication located in Watkinsville, GA.

Photos by Jerry Mucklow Photography